Transforming storage space into office space

FRESNO, California

Whether it's a custom fireplace showroom, or a fully furnished office space, this is not what you'd expect to find inside a self-storage unit. But at Clovis Storage and Executive Office Suites, the sky's the limit.

"We do radio shows, we interview fighters here," said Jon Motsenbocker of "We have a studio here in the back that we chop up video."

Inside these corrugated metal halls, business is booming. Thanks to business customers like Woody Oakley of Drywall Zone Inc.

"It's worked out really well," said Oakley. "Cuz everybody's doing everything on the internet now. The walk-in traffic isn't what it used to be so we don't really need the warehouse like before."

So the drywall tools and supplies company left its 15,000 square foot Fresno warehouse for these much cozier quarters. The savings alone -- thousands of dollars a month in overhead costs.

Financial Planner Larry Merkow made the move for the same reason, and hasn't looked back. Larry says he appreciates the flexibility of the month to month rent. And he has everything he needs at the facility -- a conference room, fax and copier, and shipping services.

Merkow said, "I downsized from about 2500 square feet on west Shaw and about a $5,000 overhead."

Many of the businesses relocated here as an unfortunate result of the 2008 recession. Since then, Clovis Storage has grown to keep up with the need for a creative yet professional solution.

Operations Manager Alfredo Ramirez said, "It really is a safe alternative than having to meet somebody at a Starbucks or having McDonalds meeting because I tell people daily, we can only get so professional between lattes and cheeseburgers."

The facility says this office concept has really taken off. In fact they have about 350 businesses operating in some form out of this location alone. And at this point, they're almost sold out.

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