Fresno man is the newest Valley millionaire

FRESNO, Calif.

Two weeks ago at the Arco AM-PM at Blackstone and Bullard, store clerk Sonny Singh checked the man's scratcher ticket and told him he won $2500 a week for 25 years.

Store owner Baljit Atwal said, "They were jumping. He was excited. This old guy was all excited."

The elderly man didn't want to be identified but put the prize in the name of his grand-daughter Jennifer Garcia.

Atwal called him a very nice guy. "He's a regular customer. He comes here almost every day. Even after he won he's still here every day."

Henry Hernandez, Fresno supervisor for the California State Lottery, said one of the best parts of his job is bringing signs to stores which say "Millionaire Made Here."

Hernandez said the family was still in disbelief when he met them on Wednesday. "It takes a while for it to settle in how much money they actually won because it is a life changing event."

Hernandez expected business to boom at this suddenly lucky store.

Customer Sarita Johnson of Madera Ranchos said, "They're probably gonna flock over here to buy tickets. I'm sure that's the mentality people have."

Hernandez added, "People are going to realize there was a big winner here and they become the lucky store in the neighborhood for a couple of months and sales do increase."

The store owner will get $16,250 for selling the lucky ticket but Baljit Atwal said he'll probably donate most of the money.

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