MiraCurl promises volume and perfect curls

June 3, 2013 12:00:00 AM PDT
The price of the latest hair-styling tool might curl your hair. It's called the MiraCurl, and it sells for $250. Managers at one Fresno salon say they can't keep it in stock.

The MiraCurl is made by well-known hair product maker, Babyliss and is turning heads. You clamp it onto a lock of hair -- then watch the hair disappear into the motor powered curling unit. Titanium parts are heated inside the unit and after a series of three beeps. Then out comes a perfect curl.

"It's very user friendly for someone who doesn't have a lot of time in the morning," said Lozano. "It's perfect for the on the go mom or working woman."

Stylist Marissa Lozano at Spectrum Salon in Northwest Fresno says the MiraCurl is effortless and curls your hair for you. No twisting and turning a curling iron. The curls are uniform and consistent. The machine sells for $250, but the salon says it sells fast when customers consider how much they could save on time and salon styling.

The MiraCurl has three different curling settings for tightness of curl, and it changes direction of the curl by alternating from right to left.

Unlike traditional styling aids, the MiraCurl doesn't have an exposed heat surface so there's minimal risk of burning. It gets warm but you can still touch it.