Man nearly kills two in Central Fresno shooting spree

FRESNO, Calif.

Johnny Nunez-Lopez, 21, also shot vehicles and houses, but may have inflicted the most damage on two women who weren't shot at all.

The spree lasted for several minutes -- long enough for the suspect to walk more than two blocks, shooting all the way. He fired as many as 15 shots, but it was a shot he couldn't fire that may have been the scariest. Some bullets struck their marks.

Others hit random marks, like the one that went through this window and hit a father rushing to protect his children. And then there's the one bullet that never came out -- the one that almost surely would've killed a young woman.

"She's just -- it scared the death out of her," her grandfather told Action News. "He stuck the gun to her head and pulled the trigger and it went click and she lay in her seat and took off in the car."

Her grandfather didn't want us to identify him, but he's tending to two victims who nearly died. His granddaughter escaped physical harm when the gun didn't fire, but his grandson was the shooter's next target.

"He's shot in the stomach and then in the shoulder," the grandfather said. "This one just missed his heart."

Fresno County sheriff's investigators say Johnny Nunez-Lopez was nearing the end of the line when he fired those shots. Deputies were rushing to the neighborhood after reports of gunfire.

"We received several calls," said Chris Curtice of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office. "He was just firing at residences. People were ducking for cover and calling at the same time as he walked down the street."

The last call reported a good Samaritan intervening to save the rest of his neighborhood. Deputies don't have much information on the man, but victims call him a hero. That last call came from his house.

"We got a call from his wife saying her husband had disarmed him and was trying to hold him down while deputies were coming," Curtice said.

Action News also talked to the wife of the man who got hit while shielding his children. As her husband was getting treatment in the hospital Monday morning, she went into labor, so she was headed to a different hospital to give birth.

She told us she was worried he wouldn't be able to make it.

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