Rebecca Law honoring her fallen husband with new business

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Rebecca Law*/ is immersing herself in opening Fightgirl Fitness... Fresno's first female kickboxing studio. It was a dream that her late husband, Brian Law was helping her achieve. Rebecca says at first Brian was uncertain about the business. But as they worked side by side to make it reality, he grew exctied: "Now it's developed into a labor of love. This is what Brian would have wanted me to finish what we started here. All I want to do in all of this is live my life for him. Live the life he couldn't live."

By nature, Rebecca Law is a fighter. With an extensive martial arts background, the 35-year-old former police officer was a perfect fit for her husband, /*CHP Officer Brian Law*/. "We have always tried to be equals in this marriage, very competitive. Very Type A." That martial arts training also gave her a mental toughness she would need after her husband died. On February 17th, Officer Law and his partner Officer Juan Gonzalez' patrol car crashed on Highway 99 near Kingsburg. The two were responding to an accident, and swerved to avoid the crash scene. "That day, Brian became my hero. He sacrificed his life. To help others. Then I got kinda mad. Because all I really wanted was to be told that he was somewhere fighting for his life. That at least he had a chance."

In the days following the accident and funeral, the community came together -- to support Rebecca and their three children. "Everyone stepped forward to sign up to deliver meals, or paying my kids' lunch accounts at school. I mean, I didn't have to think or do anything. Everything was taken care of for me." She says that's how they approached life -- together as "Team Law." Now she and their three children are left without their MVP. One of Rebecca's last memories of Brian was when he volunteered to take their kids to the park -- despite working a graveyard shift as a CHP officer. She remembered being a little bit awed, but mostly proud of her husband that day. "He's my hero and just to see that he's viewed by others like, it's very touching and it's something I hope my children never forget that their dad is a hero."

So she pushes on. The open house for Fightgirl Fitness is this Saturday, March 29th from 12pm-4pm. On the wall, she proudly displays the signed gloves sent by the UFC in Brian's honor. And one of her husband's favorite fighters, Chuck Liddell will make a personal appearance at the gym next Saturday, April 5th from 2pm-4pm. She wistfully says, "I wish he was here to see it all. And I just hope that some part of him is here."

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