Woman considers legal action against Barstow police after arrest during pregnancy

BARSTOW, Calif. -- A video of a pregnant woman's arrest in Barstow is drawing questions and has sparked an internal investigation.

The video, which was captured on an officer's body camera, shows a pregnant woman being wrestled to the ground.

The ACLU released the video and stated the woman's arrest is "horrifying."

Michelle Cooks said it all started when she was trying to drop her daughter off at school. The officer first talks to a blonde woman, who claims Cooks had punched her window.

The officer then approaches Cooks, who said the woman was threatening her.

She then calls her boyfriend, but within 20 seconds, the officer approaches. Cooks refuses to give her name, and then refuses to get into the cop car.

Charges against Cooks were later dropped and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Now, she has a message for the officer in the video.

"You just looked at me and said, 'Oh, she must be this way.' I'm not that way. You make me feel that I'm a way that I'm not," she said in tears. "I was just dropping my daughter off at school that day. That's all that I was doing."

The Barstow Police Department issued a statement saying, "It is apparent that Ms. Cooks actively resisted arrest...this incident was in no way racially motivated."

In response to another incident, the Barstow Police Department recently agreed to stop arresting people who refused to identify themselves in similar situations.
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