Illinois band teacher suspended after hidden cameras found near music room in high school

BEECHER, Ill. -- A Beecher band teacher was placed on unpaid suspension after hidden cameras were found at the high school.

James Vidmar was initially placed on administrative leave on Nov. 15 after the unauthorized cameras were found in "small rooms and offices around the perimeter of the High School music room," according to a statement by the Beecher Community Unit School District 200U.

Cameras were not found at the junior high, the district said.

As part of the leave, Vidmar was prohibited to return to District 200U property, but did return and was charged with trespassing.

The school board voted Monday to suspend Vidmar.

Police in south suburban Beecher are currently investigating the cameras and did not disclose further details Tuesday night. Police were notified by school staff after the cameras were discovered, said Chief Gregory Smith.

"No school personnel has direct knowledge of what is specifically on these cameras, as it is an on-going police matter. If and when we learn the contents of any recordings, all affected persons will be notified," the school district statement said.
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