Giant pink bus making pit stops across the Valley, providing free mammograms

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Almost everyone who works or boards this life saving images bus has been touched by breast cancer in some way. It is the reason founder Jim Brury is there with a solution.

"It angered me, we can go to the moon and smart phones are great, but why is breast cancer such an issue, decided to do something about it," said Drury.

Drury is collaborating with the United Health Centers to give free mammograms. It is the first time, his mobile unit went to Parlier. He believes much of the Valley is underserved.

"We did research as to where the problems really were, the highest rates of late stage breast cancer and mortality, turns out its from Sacramento down to Bakersfield, Highway 99," said Drury.

Health experts say 40 to 49 percent of breast cancer cases detected are late stage. It is why they are pushing for early detection through exams.

"I'm a two time breast cancer survivor, had it not had those mammograms, I would not be home today," said Sharon Johnson.

More than 30 women were tested Monday. The bus is expected to make several more stops through rural parts of the Valley, including Mendota and Huron.

"It's a pocket we really need to concentrate on, it's a critical areas," said Johnson.
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