Brick and mortar stores trying to win customers over from online retailers

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Springtime is in full swing in the Valley, and people are headed out to their local hardware stores.

"This is our Super Bowl," says Brian Bernard, the manager of the Clovis Lowe's store. "Everybody's getting out of their homes and doing their spring projects."

This year, the retail stores are looking to better serve customers who start shopping online.

When customers who place an order online arrive at the Clovis Lowe's store, they will see new big blue signs that say 'pickup' and even reserved parking spaces.

"Simply present your photo ID, we will get the order and get it loaded for you, and get you out hopefully within 5 minutes," says Bernard.

Dr. William E. Rice, a professor of marketing at Fresno State says brick and mortar stores have to step up their game to serve online customers.

"We have Amazon offering one-day shipping and free two-day shipping. With all that happening, they have got to do something to lure people to come back into the brick and mortar stores."

Research shows more than half of online shoppers are picking up items in-store since it's free and allows them to get their items the same day.

Once inside the store, almost half bought more items.

At Lowe's the convenience shopping has reached customers looking for items big and small.

"With the competition that's gone online and the way consumers choose to shop, we've identified this as a vital component if we want to stay relevant," says Bernard.

Lowe's has been offering pickup for several years. Experts say if trends continue this way, you'll continue to see more pick up and even delivery services in the future.
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