Clovis mall threatens to sue restaurant over popular patio

The letter says the restaurant isn't in compliance and needs to modify their outdoor seating in 15 days.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Colton's Social House at Sierra Vista Mall is thriving, as families fill the tables of their new outdoor seating area that's been open for just a few weeks.

In that small amount of time, they've been able to make up the thousands of dollars they lost after being closed for four months.

That success however could come to an abrupt end, as they say a legal team with the mall served them with a cease and desist letter on Wednesday regarding their outdoor operations.

"It was a blanket statement. They didn't say anything they were not pleased with, up until now. They've seen all the work we put day in and day out. It came as a shock," says Colton's Social House manager Brittany Collins Dean.

The letter says the restaurant isn't in compliance, and needs to modify their outdoor seating in 15 days.

Collins Dean says they tried to communicate their plans with the mall officials but were never told they couldn't move forward with their plans.

"We've reached out to get approval on certain things, and it fell on dead ears. So we figured if they had a problem they'd let us know and we kept moving forward to not just survive, but thrive."

The restaurant had been closed since March and stayed that way until they reopened late July.

Collins Dean says they lost about $100,000, but also invested that much to create a safe area for customers.

She says it was a risk, but it paid off.

"We're making record-breaking sales now even before we closed for COVID," she says.

Action News did go to the mall to speak with employees, and tried to reach management over the phone and through emails, but have yet to receive a response.

"We're hopeful for a resolution, we love our tenants and have a good relationship with Sierra Vista," Collins Dean says.

Colton's is now looking for their own legal representation in hopes that they can continue doing what they need to do to survive during the pandemic.

Employees with Colton's say, for now, they plan to remain open to serve their customers as long as possible while continuing to look for an attorney.
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