Dozens come to Clovis City Hall to fight proposed senior living complex

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis may be getting a new assisted senior living complex, but not without a fight.

Traffic, parking, and noise were just a few of the bullet points covered at Monday's City Council meeting as dozens of residents voiced their growing concern of a proposed senior living along Nees near Willow.

The proposed facility, planned by O'Brien Development, will provide assisted living housing for 112 seniors, with 28 units reserved for specialized care for seniors dealing Alzheimers or dementia.

Project architect Russell Taylor says, "These facilities are needed now, and even more so in the next ten years. When you have an opportunity
to provide quality living for seniors, you ought to try to put them in as many communities around the
city as possible."

Though a similar proposal O'Brien Development proposed in 2015 was denied, Taylor says they have made several changes addressing the concerns of the community.

"We have developed a project that doesn't let any traffic into the neighborhood. It all comes in off of Nees Avenue and doesn't go into Timmy or Kenosha (Avenues) at all.

Lee Smith represents the Buchanan Estates Neighbors. They believe the project would decrease property values and have a significant impact on traffic and parking.

"It is a very large facility that is being put in a residential area, a traffic safety, residential disturbance."

The Buchanan Estates Neighbors group feels how the facility integrates into the surrounding neighborhood was not considered.

"My clients are not opposed to having a senior living facility in the area, it is just way bigger than it needs to be," said Smith.

The project is far from breaking ground.

It still needs to be financed, finish a review process with the city, and acquire a building permit before starting construction.
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