Made in the Valley: Heart Ridge Almonds

MADERA COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Everyday we'll feature a local business and this week we're focusing on small businesses and the products they're creating here at home. We kick off our weeklong segment with flavored almonds!

As the machines whir, almonds of all shapes and sizes are coming down the line and being sorted.

"We're vertically integrated. We do everything here except the hulling and shelling process. So we grow the almonds, harvest the almonds, they in turn go to the huller/sheller, they in turn come to us," said Brett Wade, Heart Ridge Farms operations manager.

Brett Wade is operations manager at Heart Ridge Farms, a company that focuses on the heart healthy snack. We got an inside look at the Madera County business that's processing almonds by the bins.

Seventh generation Madera farmer Bill Pitman is the CEO. His nearby fields even help supply some of the demand. "So I could see an opportunity to be different and make a difference in the marketplace."

Heartridge Farms debut their flavored almonds last spring at the Fresno Food Expo.

"I like the Sricacha, the Buffalo Cheddar and the Nacho is pretty awesome," said Pitman.

It's already become a spicy success. Since the spring, its been sold across Central and Northern California, and overseas to Hong Kong.

Inside just 26 employees are a part of the process from start to finish. "I have a wonderful family at home and a wonderful family at work -- so its great place to come to work," said Wade.

A Valley business creating a flavored treat for the world.

You can buy Heart Ridge Almonds at a variety of convenience stores around the Valley.

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