Paragon Granite Tips

Follow one couple's journey to beautiful new granite countertops

Get a digital layout

When planning a granite installation, be sure you choose a fabricator who can provide a digital layout. You'll see how the patterns in the slab will appear on the counters and seams before cutting.

Choose granite or man-made quartz for durability

Products such as Corian or tile may look good for a while but they do not have the durability or versatility of granite or man-made quartz. Other choices such as marble or limestone will stain easily and are prone to etching from the acids in food or wine.

When choosing a granite fabricator:

1. Check for experience

2. Ask for reference and check them out

3. Make sure they are licensed and they pay workers comp

4. Ask about turn-around time.

Maintain your granite countertops

Granite should be sealed every year or so. However, Paragon Granite says they are authorized to treat counter tops with an amazing sealer that is guaranteed in writing for 15 years. Soap and water are all you need to keep your countertops looking like new. Do not use abrasive cleaners or ammonia.

You get what you pay for

Be careful choosing your granite fabricator based solely on price. The lowest bidder may not be licensed or insured and they won't have experienced installers or the latest equipment to get the job right.

Marble is not recommended for kitchen countertops

Marble can etch and stain because it is softer than granite. However, marble is fine for bathroom vanities and showers.

Granite or Quartz?

For most installations, granite is usually less expensive and is more heat and scratch resistant. Also, quartz slabs are typically smaller than granite so you may actually need more of them to complete the job.

Be picky with your granite selection

Choose a fabricator that allows you to pick a slab from any slab yard in town -- not limiting you to the few colors they have on hand.

For more about Paragon Granite or granite installation, visit the FAQ page on their website


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