Valley fans crave cookies, company expands

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Massive chocolate chip and churro cookies are baking all afternoon long at Crave Cookie's new kitchen.

"With the demand, we were able to keep hiring drivers, keep adding more zip codes. We moved to a bigger, more centralized kitchen in a better area for delivery zones, and we're able to keep going.," said co-owner Shandi Scrivner.

Crave gave Action News a sneak peek inside their recent expansion as they try to keep up with customer demand.

The company receives orders online and delivers them fresh to your door.

Just last month, they partnered with coffee shop Kuppa Joy to sell their sweet treats.

"Right now we're delivering them everyday fresh at 3 pm. The cookies are hot fresh until they sell out," Scrivner said. "They usually last an hour or two. We're working with them to get more cookies more available and more often."

Crave is one of the few companies in the Valley operating a food business without a storefront or food truck.

It's a concept known as a ghost kitchen, which are mainly popular in larger cities.

"With minimum wage going up, cost of product, cost of restaurant , we're able to keep the overhead low and keep our business flourishing," Scrivner said.

Scrivner says she and her husband are trying to be smart about their growth and expansions.

In 2019, they started their delivery business from Clovis with a homemade cookie recipe.

"There's really no secret, just really good cookies delivered hot and convenient," Scrivner said.

It's one that people have been craving more.

There are two permanent flavors and the owners say more seasonal flavors will be available around the holidays.

The owners of Crave Cookie have even more plans for the future. They're looking Into adding a second kitchen space to serve more customers living in Fresno and beyond.
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