Valley shoppers find long lines, empty shelves at grocery stores

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Lines out the doors and hour-long waits to check out were just some of the surprises shoppers saw this weekend.

At Vons in Clovis, shoppers found rows of empty shelves. They were completely sold out of items like toilet paper, pasta, rice and frozen items and shoppers we spoke to say this was a familiar sight all across town.

Jack Mcgraw is a Fresno native. When we spoke to him, he had already visited several stores, just hoping to find the necessities.

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"My mother, she's over 70, and I don't want her getting sick," said Mcgraw. "I want stuff to clean the house, and I don't got nothing and I hit Walmart, Target, all the stores."

Other folks are painting similar pictures of what they've seen this week.

"As I started to walk into Costco, everybody coming out, at least 80% of the carts were loaded with toilet paper, paper towels and water," said Bill Paloutzian. "I wondered, 'Are they giving this stuff away back there?'"

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It is even causing some places to limit how much people can buy of certain items.

"They're letting two or three people in at a time to go around and get their toilet paper," added Paloutzian. "I couldn't believe it."
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