California's grid operator asks for more power supplies to avoid rolling blackouts this summer

FRESNO, CAlif. (KFSN) -- California's grid operator asked for additional power supplies as the extreme heat threatens to bring rolling blackouts.

The California Independent System Operator made a plea to Western electric plants and power traders.

The ISO says the power grid will be strained during July and August as Californians use more electricity to run their A/C.

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Fresno Assemblymember Jim Patterson says he has been warning of the state's limited energy.

He says a "call out" like this should never have to happen.

"This is embarrassing, frankly, that the state of California now has to anticipate that other electricity producers and providers across the world will somehow send a bunch of electricity into the Western United States so that California can buy it," Patterson said Thursday.

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Patterson says the need to go outside of the state for energy will drive up the price of electricity for Californians.

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