Fresno musician using his creative outlet to benefit a good cause

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Music is more than a career path for Omar Alhindi-- it's his way of healing while keeping his grandmother's memory alive.

"She's so beautiful, she's so amazing, she was so strong, I cant let the fact that she's gone hold me back."

Omar was too young to understand the severity of his grandmother's cancer diagnosis.

"I just knew there wasn't much time left, so all I could think of was how do I make these last moments, like, memorable."

Having played music since the age of three the Fresno-based musician uses his craft as a way to honor her through his single "Stay Strong." While making a difference one note at a time.

"I just wanted to spread awareness and let everyone going though it know you're not alone," said Omar.

It is a message he feels so strongly about he's donating 50-percent of his single sales to the American Cancer Society.

American Cancer Society representatives Richard Verducci said this helps reach a younger demographic when spreading awareness,

"It really speaks to his earnestness in this and he really wants to do all he can, and it's not about publicity for himself it's really about raining awareness toward the cause."

The artist, signed to Tyme Records, drops his full album October 23rd, but "Stay Strong" is already available on iTunes.
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