Fresno EOC and Habitat for Humanity partner for student success

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new partnership between Habitat for Humanity and Fresno EOC is helping aspiring homeowners while providing on the job training for students working toward a career in construction.

Fresno EOC's Valley Apprenticeship Connection prepares willing students for a career in construction and now thanks to a partnership with Habitat for Humanity participants are learning the skills they need right in the field.

"They're able to see an actual job site," explained Marina Harutynunyan with Habitat for Humanity. "They have the opportunity to exercise their skills and that one on one time with the homeowner, and work alongside other volunteers."

Students work on a job site twice a week assisting in everything from landscaping to painting, gaining valuable experience and helping folks who need it most.

Shawndell Bledsaw is a graduate of the program and says it turned his life around.

"It seemed too good to be true," said Bledsaw. "I'm a two-time felon. Then I went to the program, I started going, I went every day because I took it serious."

Shawndell landed a job before he finished the course and has worked various construction jobs over the past year.

Valley Apprenticeship Connections is a 12-week program for folks who had a rough start in the workforce.

"Those that have been unemployed for a time maybe those that have had some barriers," said Amalia Martinez with Fresno EOC. "We understand your past and situations you might be in, but let's take care of those barriers and give you an opportunity to find employment."

You can take part in the program. If you're interested you can call 559-263-1113 for details or visit their website.
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