Midas location in Clovis offering free engravings on catalytic converters

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Vehicle owners hoping to protect their catalytic converters from thieves can get their information engraved on the part for free.

Midas Auto Shop in Old Town Clovis off Clovis Avenue is now offering free engravings.

All you have to do is give the location a call to make an appointment.

Clovis police say they're constantly seeing this crime all over town and while the engraving won't stop the thieves from stealing, it will help police recover the part when it goes missing.

"We end up with four, five, six at a time,: says Clovis Police Sgt. Jim Koch. "Sometimes we notice a specific type of vehicle being targeted and then that will change. It will go from a sedan or a truck. No rhyme or reason, but we do know it's changing constantly."

Clovis police urge you to park in well-lit areas, covered by surveillance cameras.

You can also purchase anti-theft devices or have the car part welded on for a fee.

Clovis police say they're also looking to partner with other businesses that would be willing to offer the free engravings.
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