Central Unified opens COVID testing site for students and staff

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Central Unified is taking testing to the next level.

The district established a COVID testing center specifically for students and staff.

"The objective being, get our students back to school quickly, get our staff back to school in a quicker fashion rather than waiting in isolation or quarantine," said Central Unified Asst. Superintendent Jack Kelejian.

The new testing site is providing students and staff with a crucial tool in the fight against the virus.

"Having the opportunity to have this here in the heart of our community and Central Unified, to be able to provide the service and get them back to school," continued Kelejian. "It's incredibly important."

Hosted at the Teague Community Center, the Central Unified testing center has already served hundreds of students and staff. It started after parents expressed a need for the service.

"If you're in close contact or exhibiting COVID symptoms, you can be referred to this site here to either take a rapid test or PCR test," added Kelejian.

Open Monday through Friday, tests are by appointment only. The center is funded by COVID relief dollars.

"We'll keep it going as long as we have the appropriate funds and as long as COVID-19 is still around," said Kelejian.

Those who are eligible can sign up for appointments at Centralunified.org.

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