Children First: Where Are They Now?

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Some were babies; others in junior high. All have one thing in common: they appeared in Children First specials over the years. Now ABC30 finds out what they are doing now! ABC30 anchors Dale Yurong and Graciela Moreno host a half-hour special, "Children First: Where Are They Now?" The show will replay on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. and September 4, 2016 at 10:30 a.m.

This ABC30 special includes an update on a Firebaugh teenager who was struggling to find a way to pay for college in 2009. She is now inspiring kids around her. ABC30 also reconnects with a Clovis girl who was trying to fit in during the start of junior high. Wait until you see her now! A Tulare County girl featured in "Children First: Bullies" ends up being a true champion! Deaf siblings from Parlier make big strides and refuse to let their disability define them. We first met baby Brendyn when he was 8 months old. Now he is old enough to share his career goals!

Children First is a year-round effort focusing on the challenges, problems and opportunities facing our youth in Central California. The program shows how the average person can make a difference in a child's life and highlights local organizations working with kids. The Children First campaign includes half-hour programs like "Where Are They Now?", thirty-second public service announcements, and special stories on Action News. ABC30 thanks its partners below for putting Children First in the Central Valley.

6 Key Ways to Raising a Healthy and Well Rounded Child

  1. Unity
    Solid relationship among parents prevents defiant behavior in child later on in life

  2. Consistency
    Leads to security and trust

  3. Calm Environment
    No screaming matches

  4. Modeling Good Behavior
    It leads to respect

  5. Catch Your Child Being Good
    Offer praise

  6. Brain Development
    Hold your baby. Babies who are held more have higher IQs later in life

Source: Dr. Thomas Granata/Clinical Psychologist

The Garzas

The Ball/Sykes Family

Gabriela Morales

ABC30 thanks its partners below for putting Children First in the Central Valley.

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