Toddler gets chopstick stuck in his brain

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Sunday, March 8, 2015
Chopstick stuck in toddler's brain for 10 days
X-ray shows chopstick lodged in toddler's skull.

A toddler in China is recovering after part of a chopstick was stuck in his brain for 10 days.

An X-ray shows the chopstick lodged in the boy's skull. His parents say the 1-year-old was eating with the wooden sticks when he tripped and fell -- sending the object up his nose.

His parents took the chopstick out and took him to the hospital, but doctors sent him home without realizing about two inches of the stick had broken off and was still inside.

Over the next few days, the boy became drowsy and vomited. His parents took him back to the hospital when they took the X-ray. The stick was removed, and the toddler's condition immediately improved, although he's still hospitalized with a brain infection.