Controversy in Clovis over rezoning certain lots of land

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Debbie Britz is one of dozens of property owners in Clovis who do not want nearby land to be re-zoned.

The main area of concern is Temperance near Highway 168.

"Some of the land uses and properties have inconsistent zoning with the land use designation, so what the city is undertaking is efforts to clean that up to reconcile some of those inconsistencies," says Clovis Deputy City Planner Ricky Caperton.

If the city of Clovis re-zones, it will pave the way for Granville Homes to build apartments, mainly to be used for student and faculty housing by the California Health & Sciences University down the street.

Neighbors feel it's inconsistent with what they were promised decades ago.

"It was destined to be research and technology and it has been since 1999," Britz said. "We were under the premise is was going to stay that way and a year ago, unannounced to us the wheels were turning that it was going to be changing."

The city said the zoning change is necessary to keep up with planning laws.

Previous meetings have allowed the community to bring up their concerns about the zone change and the proposed project.

"A lot of the concerns are similar in regards to traffic, noise, the character of the neighborhood," Caperton said.

Under city policy for this type of decision, the city only has to hold two meetings to get community feedback.

It's having this third one because of the high volume of people concerned.
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