Device used for outdoor activity mistaken for bomb in Coalinga, police say

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A device used as part of an outdoor treasure-hunting-type game was mistaken for a bomb in Fresno County on Tuesday evening, authorities say.

Coalinga police were called out to the area of Lucille Avenue and Bordeaux Way for reports of what appeared to be a pipe bomb hanging from a tree.

Investigators say the metal pipe had been wrapped in electrical tape and had a cap at both ends, so the Fresno County bomb squad was called in to help.

Deputies had to use a water jet to determine whether the device was explosive. They eventually learned it was a device hidden in the tree for Geocaching, a recreational activity where people hide and seek items using a Global Positioning System (GPS).

Investigators said they found ten more similar devices in the area.

While there was no immediate threat to the public, the Coalinga Police Department is now reminding those who take part in the activity to "use good discretion when disguising their finds."
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