Most services now closed at Coalinga Regional Medical Center

COALINGA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Coalinga's only hospital is no longer offering services, after the decision to close it was announced last month.

"Access to essential healthcare services must be provided in our local community," Coalinga Regional Medical Center's CEO Wayne Allen said Friday. "I will be working with interested parties to make that happen."

Only one portion of the hospital remains open.

The skilled-nursing facility cannot close until residents find new homes.

The hospital anticipates that will happen by the end of the month.

Mike Maciel comes to Coalinga for doctor appointments near the hospital.

He doesn't live here anymore, but he has friends and family that do, including his father-in-law.

He's concerned they'll have to go to Hanford or Fresno for emergencies or other medical care.

"It's a beautiful facility," Maciel said. "All modern, got a lot of room. It's a well-built hospital, and I wish they could have managed it a little better and kept it up and running."

Two hundred employees are also being laid off as part of the closure.

Administrators have cited the hospital's weak financial condition, saying it can no longer cover the costs associated with inpatient services.

They've given patients a list of the closest hospitals that accept Medicare and Medical, including Adventist health in Hanford: 43 miles away.

"Our emergency teams are ready to care for any additional patients from Coalinga or the surrounding communities," said Adventist Health's Christine Pickering. "We have a great team here. They follow rapid medical evaluation to help folks get in quickly and get their care."

For non-emergency services, Pickering says there is an Adventist Health Medical Office in Coalinga, offering family and internal medicine, pediatrics, and psychology.

Coalinga's mayor says the hospital closure is the city's single most significant issue right now.

He believes an emergency department is needed and says the city is working with hospital staff to find a solution.
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