Lanna Coffee providing water for Northern Thailand with every bag sold

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Downtown Fresno coffee business wants you to make a difference every time you have your morning cup of joe.

"We believe the products we buy have the opportunity to change the world," said Lanna Coffee Co. CEO Bryan Feil.

The coffee company near the corner of Broadway and Ventura in Downtown Fresno has been operating for about nine years. Feil took over the operation four years ago.

The company, which sells whole bean and ground coffee for use at home or work, sources it's coffee from villages in Northern Thailand. Coffee is a cash crop, meaning farming it can take farmers above the poverty line, Feil said.

"I met a coffee farmer who produces three sacks of coffee, and we purchase 600 a year, but those three sacks are literally able to take him out of the poverty line," Feil said.

The area Lanna pulls from envelopes 20 villages and 400 families. In addition to helping farmers with jobs, Lanna also has an annual water project that every bag of coffee sold helps to fund.

"So here in April, we'll provide $13,000 to fund a water project... but what's amazing is that money will create 300,000 gallons of water a year for 20 years."

"$13,000, that's nothing to Americans, but that changes a community's life for decades," he said.

Lanna Coffee can be found for sale at numerous locations including the North Fresno Costco, Vons and Whole Foods, and it's also featured at Batter Up, Benaddiction and The Revue.

The company also recently introduced an online subscription program for customers. For more information on the company and their products, click here.
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