A community meeting designed to help families rebuild after the devastating fires

The community of Mariposa is still reeling from the devastation left behind from the Detwiler Fire.

Monday residents coping with the aftermath were provided with recovery information and support.

Three months since the last flame in the deadly Detwiler Fire was finally extinguished some Mariposa residents are still struggling to get back on their feet.

Community leaders offered support Monday during a special presentation for families affected by recent area wildfires.

Mariposa County Human Services' Chevon Kothari said, "We just wanted to make sure they had an outlet to connect to one another because the importance of that and connecting to each other becomes really important."

Resident Mariah Lord is was one of 108 families looking to rebuild after losing her home during the devastating Detwiler Fire.

She saw Monday's community meeting as a chance ask for questions about the recovery process.

"There's a lot of other community members going through the same thing that we are and Mariposa is a very unique community... everybody is so supportive, it's nice to have that comfort," said Mariah Lord of Mariposa.

Mariah's family lost everything in the Detwiler Fire but she was one of the few who had insurance.

The majority of families affected did not have coverage.

"We'll eventually rebuild, I don't know how long it's going to take, I don't know what the process consists of, that's why we come to these meetings but we'll get back to a new normal," said Lord.

Experts believe it will likely take years for Mariposa to fully recover.

"There are a lot of resources, we're working to connect people with the resources for them, once again we're in a housing crisis but we have a lot of committed community partners that are willing to navigate that," said Kothari.

The county hopes to schedule these types of meetings every couple of months for residents looking for recovery information and support.
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