Bass Lake enjoying a big 4th of July

BASS LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- For the last few years, it has been hard for folks around Bass Lake to feel excited by the 4th of July. After all, they were dealing with some big problems: drought, forest fires, and tree deaths.

But this 4th of July weekend, Bass Lake is back.

Leslie Cox, whose family has owned the Forks Resort for nearly 80 years says this year is expected to be better than ever, with a new fireworks vendor.

"We are very excited about the show and the crowds we are seeing this year," said Cox. "It is feeling a lot like the old days. "
Cox and other local folks like Steve Foster are happy to see all the visitors.

"It gets very crazy out on the lake," said Foster. "It is very busy, but we appreciate all the revenue everybody brings into town."

Folks are here from all over the state like Joe Stratinsky and his family from San Jose, "We are renting a boat, we're gonna fish, and you know, watch the fireworks, from our honeymoon suite. "

Gabe Rubio from Orange County is enjoying a jet ski on the lake, "It is pretty amazing, there are a lot more boats out there today, so there are more wakes but its pretty good, pretty good conditions."

Locals like Ruth Foster don't mind the company, as long as they stay in control, on the lake, and in town, "Well you know everybody is mostly well behaved, you have a few who have too many beers, but other than that, everything is fun, its a lot of fun."

Along with the fun, the 4th is a day to remember our country's founding, and for Harjit Mann, a US citizen, originally from India, now living in Fresno, it's a chance to celebrate America, "This is great, this is the most beautiful country in the world."
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