Clovis Rodeo prepares to keep crowds, athletes and cattle cool from summer-like temperatures

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Each year the Clovis Rodeo prepares for certain types of weather but rain, wind or heat the rodeo goes on.

And this year officials are preparing for temperatures in the mid to upper 90s.

That means keeping the crowds, athletes, and cattle cool.

"These cattle are just like you and I. They are starting to climatize to the change in the weather again. You know we have had winter for so long here and now the sun is coming out. Anything in the high 80s and 90s is tough on everybody and it is tough on them," said John Growney, Rodeo Stock Contractor.

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Growney is one of six rodeo stock contractors in charge of livestock.

He says three times a day water trucks are used to keep hundreds of cattle cool by spraying water directly on them and on the ground they stand on to cool it by several degrees.

Fresh drinking water is provided too and so is shade especially when it comes to bulls and horses.

"They are in the green grass. So that's what they are doing and about three hours before the rodeo the livestock is brought in here and then they are pinned up behind the stands and when the rodeo is over we take them back to that same place," said Growney.

Athletes who ride the livestock at the rodeo have personal trailers with air conditioning and water to stay cool.

When it comes to the crowds a cooling center has been set up just outside the rode hall.

Anyone can sit under the shade, get a drink of water and use a huge fan to cool down.

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But organizers encourage everyone to be prepared for the heat.

"So people should think about having sunscreen, wear protective clothing, certainly a hat and drink plenty of water," Greg Gillard, Clovis Rodeo Association.

Vendors will be on hand to sell water and hats.

Gillard added that the Clovis Rodeo does not allow umbrellas due to safety concerns for people and animals.

An ambulance, Clovis Fire and Police will be on site to help treat anyone suffering from heat stroke or exhaustion.
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