FFA and 4-H students keep up on school at the Big Fresno Fair

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Big Fresno Fair kicks off Wednesday, but for FFA and 4H students, the fun has already started. With nearly two weeks of shows scheduled these kids have their work cut out for them.

Between shows, auction, and of course feeding and grooming your animals, students say it's not easy to squeeze in your schoolwork.

"When we're not with our animals, we're doing our work, and we're catching," said FFA Student Mia Reyez. "It's not a vacation."

"We're here from morning till night and then it repeats every day for this whole week," added Sanger High School Senior Alicia Rodriguez.

Sanger High FFA students won't be back in the classroom for the rest of the week, but it's something they're used to during fair season.

"If we're not showing we're doing homework," added Nathan Hammerschmidt.

Thanks to technology they can do most of their classwork from an Ipad, but that doesn't mean they can leave the books behind.

"Our school gives us Ipads, so we bring those out here," added Reyez. "Some of our teachers put our work on google classroom but other times were lugging around our textbooks."

For every student, it's a little different. Katrina, a home school student, she says she prefers to get her work out of the way the week before the fair even starts.

"I just stay up really late and do everything as quickly as I can so I can just focus on my goats," said 4-H Student Katrina Suarez. "Then I don't have to worry about getting my school work done."

The Big Fresno Fair continues through Monday, Oct.14th.
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