Valley man urging community to get vaccinated following COVID experience

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It was a traumatic, lonely, and painful experience for 49-year-old Jorge Valdovinos.

"I was getting ready to go," he said. "I couldn't handle it anymore so I was asking God, 'Give me a sign.'"

He was on a ventilator for nine days in March of this year after contracting COVID-19.

A battle in his life, he says, was a near-death experience and one he never expected.

" I was taking all the precautions," he said. "Even though I felt I was in great shape and didn't think it was going to affect me."

Valdovino says his daughter was asymptomatic and brought home the virus, infecting the entire family but hitting him a little harder.

"My wife and children were all affected," he said. "They were in bed and I was in the hospital."

About five months later, he is now vaccinated but dealing with painful aftermath.

He says the pressure to breathe comes in waves and is sharing his story to motivate those in need of a vaccine.

"With this experience, I am more devoted to helping everyone in any regard," he said.

Especially his fellow Latinos who remain hesitant.

"hey need to take care of themselves and get vaccinated," he said. "You have nothing to lose! Get it as soon as possible."

He doesn't wish his experience on anyone. He believes we have a long way to go before beating this pandemic and says it'll take a village.

"If we get into the same line and get vaccinated, we can get out of this nightmare soon," he said.

Elisa Navarro, ABC30 Action News
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