'Too horrific': Detectives say Fresno man sexually abused 12-year-old girl for months with her mother's help

Detectives say suspect Brent Cox, his wife, and the child's mother were all in a relationship together and were aware of the ongoing sexual acts.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Bags and boxes of evidence were taken from the home of 41-year-old Brent Cox, the Fresno man accused of sexually assaulting and grooming a 12-year-old girl.

Despite the hearses and caskets on the lawn, investigators say the real horror was happening behind closed doors after Cox's wife and the child's own mother were arrested Thursday for their involvement in the abuse.

"There are details that are too horrific to discuss. It's tragic for our victim," said Fresno County Sheriff's Office Lt. Brandon Purcell.

Fresno County sheriff's investigators say they received a tip about the alleged sexual abuse about a week ago.

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They say Cox, his wife Jill Cox, and the child's mother were all in a relationship together and aware of the ongoing sexual acts.

"This had been ongoing. We think there's been grooming going on for months. We have information going back to May. The way these predators groom children is to get them to believe things are happening that are not. That's the case with Mr. Cox. He's the definition of a predator that we see," said Purcell.

The department's Internet Crime Against Children unit is now looking through thousands of videos and images to determine where these acts occurred, and if there are more victims.

"Every time we get an update, there's more and more harmful matter and we know, harmful matter was sent to the child and of the child," said Purcell.

The child's mother commented on the Action News Facebook post about Cox, claiming he didn't do anything to her daughter, and that they are 'false charges and accusations trumped up by my ex and his wife'.

We reached out to the child's mother, and she agreed to speak with us but when we arrived, she was already in handcuffs.

One neighbor didn't want to show her face but said Cox was known for throwing large Halloween parties at his home, and he always seemed friendly.

"It's shocking. Any time you hear of children involved, it breaks your heart," said the neighbor.

Cox and the child's mother will be booked in the Fresno County jail for conspiracy to commit sexual acts against a child, along with other child abuse and endangerment charges.
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