Dine and Dish: Harris Ranch in Coalinga

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Saturday, March 4, 2023
Dine and Dish: Harris Ranch in Coalinga
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If you're in search of a hearty meal, a local road leads to Harris Ranch.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Harris Ranch Inn and Restaurant at the intersection of I-5 and 198 in Coalinga allows visitors to both rest up and load up on protein.

"We may be an oasis in the middle of nowhere but we want people to remember why they're coming back," Executive Chef Brendon Eddington says.

"It's really iconic. It's one of those experiences where you walk in and it's so memorable you can't forget it," Marketing Director Suzanne Devereaux says.

The sizzling Harris Ranch beef comes from just down the road.

"Every steak at our steakhouse is portioned by our butchers every morning," Eddington says.

Eddington, a native of New Zealand, had me try the cowboy steak with a shorter bone than a tomahawk steak.

"Farm to table is really important to our customers," Devereaux says.

Owner John Harris sold the feedlot three years ago but that quality beef remains a staple.

I tried the steakhouse burger, a 10- ounce ribeye steak ground down.

"Then we have four jumbo shrimp in there with chipotle aioli and then our housemade cheese bun," Eddington says.

Best burger I've ever had - easily. Diet buster, hands down.

"When you bite into it, it's like biting into little bites of steak. It's fantastic," Eddington says.

Vegetarians though can also be rewarded here.

"The truffle fettucine, we start off with spilt cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach. We scorch it in a pan. We drop in a little white wine cream," Eddington says.

"This is our fried calamari and we use Cipollini onions inside and they have this wonderful heat they continue to carry," Eddington says.

And for dessert, Chef Brendon brought out his cardamom creme brulee with raspberries and blueberries and blood orange sorbet.

"When someone comes in for dinner, they're here for two things primarily. The first thing and last thing - so we better get them right," Eddington says.

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