FUSD elementary students gain hands on learning with 3D printers

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Unified students are noticing a new addition in their classrooms this year. Each elementary school now has two 3D printers.

Students at Aynesworth Elementary were hard at work this morning, thanks to a pair of printers.

"They're creating an artifact, a copy of an artifact they found that represents some important finding in their ancient civilization," said 6th-grade teacher Zach Rocca.

They've only had the printers for a few weeks, but staff tells us that hasn't held them back from getting busy.

"They were off to the races," said Rocca. "They want to use it every day to play and create. It brings out the artistic side of the brain."

District-wide, each elementary school received two 3D printers this year.

"One of our goals is to incorporate technology into the schools and have the students use it without knowing they're learning," said FUSD IT Director Don Soyinthisane.

Students and staff agree it's a whole new way to learn.

"It's one thing to show a video and say this is what the ancient civilization did and if you see that back there that's what they use," continued Rocca. "It's another thing to say ok here it is, recreate it for me so we can see i,t and hold it and say this is how it's used."

"You can build a lot of stuff that you thought you couldn't build before and create your own stuff," added 6th-grade student Vanessa Rivas.

The printers were funded by the Fresno Unified School District IT Department.
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