Lunch Break: Mike's Grill

A few weeks ago, we asked the question, where can we find the best tri-tip in the Central Valley?

More than 1,700 comments later, we found the place you say has the best tri-tip sandwiches, Mike's Grill on the corner of Cedar and Herndon in Fresno. The ABC30 Lunch Break crew had to go check it out!


So what keeps Valley residents coming back for more? Manager Enrique Rodriguez says it's all in the meat. "We buy choice meats, so its a little more expensive, but you definitely tell the difference when you're eating and chewing it."

It's not only Fresno residents that love Mike's Grill. One couple said they drove 60 miles just to enjoy the tri-tip sandwiches. "It's worth it," they say.

Do the tri-tip sandwiches at Mike's Grill live up to the hype? Let us know what you think on Facebook.

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