Funding to help expand Fresno City College's nursing program

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno City College is celebrating $475,000 in federal funding that will be used to bolster the school's nursing program.

Congressman Jim Costa helped secure the funds to address a significant need in the Valley.

"We have a shortage of nurses, we have a shortage of physicians and this is an opportunity to do something about that," Costa said.

The money is part of $11 million in Community Project Funding and will be used to ensure accreditation that will allow City College to expand its program and strengthen its student pipeline with Fresno State.

Funds will also be used to attract faculty and staff while addressing curriculum alignment between the two institutions.

"Because we're doing something that hasn't been done before, the time we're paying for faculty at Fresno State and the faculty at Fresno City College is to create something above and beyond what is existing and it goes above and beyond what they're currently doing," Dr. Carole Goldsmith, State Center Community College District Chancellor said.

The California Department of Healthcare projects the San Joaquin Valley will need over 32,000 nurses in the next six years.

The funding will allow the programs at both City College and Fresno State to accept about 50 more students once accreditation is secured.

"This program is designed to increase nursing graduates in the Valley in all education and professional levels," Costa said.

Administrators say they are excited about the opportunities this money will provide as they look forward to training the next generation of nurses.

"With this grant, this will allow students to not waste so much time as they can get an Associate's Degree, while students can concurrently enroll at Fresno State," said Keisha Lewis Nesbitt, Director of Nursing, Fresno City College.

Now that funding has been secured, administrators will immediately work on the accreditation process, which could take up to two years.
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