Multiple arrests made during Fresno County Sheriff's Office 'Gold Star Operation'

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Thursday, March 17, 2022
Multiple arrests made during FCSO 'Gold Star Operation'
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Wednesday night, several arrests were made as part of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office Gold Star Operation.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Wednesday night, several arrests were made as part of the Fresno County Sheriff's Office Gold Star Operation.

The team of deputies worked with police departments in the southern part of the county and also state agencies.

Action News joined the crew helping the Kingsburg Police Department check up on parolees and probationers and serve search warrants.

"We have a lot of targets to hit tonight, so we're going to hit those primarily," says Deputy Corey Holston.

Deputy Holston helped Kingsburg Police track down wanted parolees.

The first arrest of the night was a man wanted for violating parole.

Officers approached the house and the man complied with their orders.

What they found inside -- a blade and knives -- sent him to jail.

"As a condition of his parole, he's not supposed to carry any weapons, so we took possession of those weapons and he's being arrested for that violation of parole," Holston said.

Once fingerprinted and processed, into the van he goes, headed to the Fresno County Jail.

But not every visit on the target list resulted in arrest.

Some people were not home or had not updated their address. Officers use discretion and will come back for the less violent ones later.

"It just depends on the situation and the parolee," Holston said.

The big item on the list for Kingsburg Police Wednesday night -- a teenager who allegedly made a threat to bring a gun to his school.

Officers also obtained a search warrant to confiscate any weapons in that teen's house.

Three firearms registered to his parents were taken, along with the ammunition.

The boy was arrested -- officers say they have to investigate every situation like this seriously. Making a threat like the one he's accused of is a felony.

The sweep through Kingsburg resulted in several check-ins with probationers and parolees and led to the arrest of two people.

In addition to those arrests in Kingsburg, several others were made across south Fresno County in Selma, Fowler, Caruthers, Riverdale and Easton.

For smaller police departments, the extra resources like the ones they had Wednesday night help them catch up with potentially dangerous criminals.