Suspect leads Fresno Police on short chase, ends with passenger critically injured

ByCorin Hoggard and Ricky Courtney via KFSN logo
Tuesday, November 22, 2022 5:54PM
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FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A suspect led Fresno Police on a short chase down First Street on Tuesday morning.

Undercover officers had been surveilling 43-year-old Anthony Jeff for a violent crime when they saw him pull into the Sinclair at North First Street and East Gettysburg Avenue to fuel up a truck.

Law enforcement decided to attempt to arrest Jeff at the station.

Instead of surrendering, Jeff and a woman jumped into the truck and sped off. On the way out of the station, the vehicle broke off the fuel nozzle and hit two undercover police cars and another car.

Officers were finally able to arrest Jeff about two miles south near East Michigan Avenue and North Bond Street in Central Fresno when he crashed into two vehicles.

Jeff was taken to Community Regional Medical Center for treatment of injuries. His female passenger was critically injured in the collision. Officers tell Action News, it appears she may not have been using the seat belt and was ejected from the truck. She was discovered unconscious in a pile of debris several minutes after the crash.

Jeff will face charges of felony evasion and assault on an officer with a vehicle. Jeff was also wanted for an outstanding probation violation.