Fresno Rescue Mission asking for canned goods as supplies run low during summer months

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Every day the Fresno Rescue Mission serves up 736 meals and not just to the homeless. More Valley families are struggling and have been relying on the three daily meals.

Food Services Director Phillip Roberts explained, "A lot more families, a lot more kids, yes a whole lot, and this summer it was drastically more than last year."

Roberts told Action News they are serving meals to 25% more people than this time last year. It's one of the reasons why their supply of canned goods was so low.

"It's been gut-wrenching to say the least to watch it dwindle to what it's become now," he said.

For 70 years, the Fresno Rescue Mission has depended solely on private donations. It doesn't receive any state or federal funding.

Roberts said the mission could use canned fruits and vegetables and especially canned soup since it can go a long way when prepared for families.

Their shelves are normally stocked with food but Roberts said supplies are about to run out.

"If we were to go solely off of what you see right here, we might have a week and a half, two weeks left. I asked, 'So what would that mean for a familIes wanting to get something to eat?' Roberts answered, "We will never not feed a family."

The mission has plenty of frozen foods to cook but the canned items have run low.

They can be donated at the mission parking lot on G Street downtown or at the mission's thrift store which is located on Sierra between Blackstone and Highway 41.

Some schools and churches have expressed interest in holding canned food drives for the mission.
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