These longtime Fresno shelter dogs need your help

Miss Boss, Moses, and Ray Ray have been waiting for years for a loving family to adopt them.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A local nonprofit organization is shining a spotlight on some special dogs that need extra love.

Dogs and cats that make their way to Animal Compassion Team(ACT)'s shelter typically get adopted after two weeks, sometimes sooner.

But these three dogs, whom they've nicknamed their 'longtime residents', have been around anywhere from two to five years.

Volunteers are now hoping Miss Boss, Moses, and Ray Ray can find the perfect forever families that will make their wait worth it.

"All three of our dogs really need somebody that has the patience and the time and they're willing to devote to get them settled in. Once they gain your trust. They're their perfect companions and they'll be loyal forever," says ACT special events coordinator Dough Gray.

Volunteers at ACT say these dogs have special needs because of their individual stories.

They're hoping to find homes where each one will be the only dog in the family.

Two were rescues off the street, and the other lost one of his eyes because of an infection.

To learn more about them and how you can schedule a meet-up with them, visit the Animal Compassion Team website.

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