Fresno State's Journalist of Color program awarded major grant

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Friday, February 23, 2024
Fresno State's Journalist of Color program awarded major grant
A Fresno State program with the mission of creating a pipeline of well-trained and diverse journalists was recently awarded a major grant.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For about three years, The Journalist of Color Program has been helping students get a unique experience learning about the industry.

Jazmin Alvarado is one of 18 students in the program. She says it has been life-changing.

" If there is one thing the program has done, it's reinforced that I want to write. I want to do journalism,"

The Institute for Media and Public Trust at Fresno State established the program in 2021 to mentor and train aspiring journalists.

The program also aims to foster diversity and inclusion in journalism.

"It's important for the entire community to be reflected in the journalism that we have," Institute for Media and Public Trust Executive Director Jim Boren said.

Alvarado was part of the first cohort as a High School Senior and has stayed committed to the program.

She says her experience has been one of a kind.

"I've done work in print, broadcast, and this year we are focusing on podcasts and radio," Alvardo said.

Her time in the program is also helping her excel at Fresno State.

She is currently a sophomore majoring in Broadcast Journalism and a News Editor at the Collegian.

"This is my favorite part about College. I love the Collegian," Alvarado said.

As a proud Latina, she says that representation matters and appreciates the program's mission of supporting diverse journalists.

" It's not every day you see a Latina on TV, and with more generations in Fresno, it's so important we get to show them that there are people like them who can make it," Alvarado said.

Boren says it's encouraging to see young, motivated journalists who want to make a difference.

The program was recently awarded a $201,000 California Endowment grant, helping it grow and support more students.

Students are paid $300 monthly during the academic year and can stay in the program for up to five years.

High School or College students interested in the program can now apply for the fourth cohort starting in the Fall.

For application details, click here.

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