Hilmar business corrals people together with refurbished trailer

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ice-cold drinks come fast and tasty from Daisy Mae, a rustic dry bar trailer for hire and the centerpiece of Kelly Burner's business - Burner Custom Designs & Events.

"Our horse trailer is Daisy Mae and she has her own personality for sure. We mostly use it as a bar, but it can be used for any need. We use it for desserts, we use it for snow cones, for servicing pizza out of," said Kelly Burner, Burner Custom Designs & Events

Kelly and her husband refurbished this trailer from the ground up and affectionately named her Daisy Mae. She appears at events like weddings or parties.

Guests like to take photos with her in the background of just enjoy refreshments.

"Mobile was the big thing. we have a lot of people that say they want to turn an arena into a venue. That was our biggest thing being able to get her into places that not everybody else can be in," Burner said.

Kelly says vintage and renovated trailers have become popular, but hers has a unique boho country style that can go on the road.

"We've gone everywhere. Five hours one way to the other way. We've gone to Yosemite and toward the Bay Area," Burner said.

The mother of three has become an entrepreneur and often gets the kids involved as she rents out the trailer or the event pieces.

Now, the company is working on two other trailers for their photo booths and another bar.

She says her true passion is helping others turn their dreams into a reality.

The Burners say in their three years of business, they've grown every year and they're looking forward to the future. In fact, they've started booking events for 2021.
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