POLITICAL INSIDER: Suing the Sanctuary State

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The on-going feud between the Trump Administration and California's Democratic Leadership is now a showdown heading for court, possibly all the way to the Supreme Court.

The Department of Justice is suing the state in an attempt to block California's so-called Sanctuary State Law which extends protections to people living in the U.S. illegally. The DOJ claims the group of laws is unconstitutional and keeps federal agents from doing their jobs.

Supporters of the Sanctuary policy believe it increases public safety by promoting trust between immigrant communities and law enforcement.

Governor Jerry Brown claims the lawsuit by the DOJ is an effort to further divide and polarize America. He wants an apology from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions who blasted California's Sanctuary policy and state leaders in a speech this week in Sacramento.

A new, exclusive and statewide Action News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA tackles this issue and the dispute in a series of five questions.

Question 1:
The federal Department of Justice is suing California over so-called sanctuary laws that provide protections for undocumented immigrants. Is the Department of Justice doing the right thing or the wrong thing?
36% - Right Thing
47% - Wrong Thing
17% - Not Sure

Those are the statewide results, but the numbers change when you break down the poll by region, specifically Central California.
Take a look:

43% - Right Thing
31% - Wrong Thing
26% - Not Sure

When the answers from this first question are separated by race, Hispanics take the strongest stand against the DOJ's action.
32% - Right Thing
54% - Wrong Thing
14% - Not Sure

Question 2:

One California law says that local police cannot notify federal agents when an immigrant is being released from jail or prison. Do you agree or disagree with this law?
39% - Agree
44% - Disagree
17% - Not Sure

That "disagreement" grows stronger here in Central California by 10-percent.
32% - Agree
54% - Disagree
13% - No Sure

Question 3:
Another portion of the law says local police cannot transfer immigrants directly to federal custody from local jails unless there is a warrant for their arrest or if the immigrant has committed serious crimes. Do you agree or disagree with this law?
56% - Agree
32% - Disagree
12% - Not Sure

Those people responding in Central California also "Agree", but not as strongly.
50% - Agree
38% - Disagree
11% - Not Sure

Question 4:
Another law bans businesses from allowing immigration authorities to access employee records without a warrant. Do you agree or disagree with this law?

57% - Agree
29% - Disagree
14% - Not Sure

Again, those responding in Central California "Agree" with this provision, but not as strongly.
52% - Agree
33% - Disagree
15% - Not Sure

Question 5:
Another law allows the State Attorney General to review all facilities where immigrants are detained. Do you agree or disagree with this law?
61% - Agree
16% - Disagree
23% - Not Sure

A larger percentage of those responding in Central California also "Agree".
67% - Agree
16% - Disagree
17% - Not Sure

The DOJ's challenge to California's Sanctuary Policy may finally clarify to the Feds, the State, politicians, voters, and immigrants exactly what the immigration laws of this entire land are and who makes them. And just maybe, it will jump-start the immigration reform sorely needed in California and all of the U.S.

For more information on the Action News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA click here
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