Jerry Dyer sworn in as Fresno's new mayor

The transition of power at Fresno City Hall has been completed.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The transition of power at Fresno City Hall has been completed.

Jerry Dyer became the city's new mayor - one day after Lee Brand wrapped up his four-year term.

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Dyer had visited City Hall countless times as police chief but this time, he walked in with a new mug that said "Mayor Jerry Dyer."

As he took the oath of office, Dyer said he could feel the added weight on his shoulders. He explained, "It was at that moment, I really felt the incredible amount of authority and responsibility being given to me."

Mayor Dyer was joined by his wife Diane in the small, socially-distant ceremony. During his campaign, he promised to tackle Fresno's homeless crisis.

One of his first acts as mayor was to sign and send a letter to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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Businessman Lee Brand served as a fiscal hawk overlooking finances over the past 12 years as Fresno mayor and a two-term city councilmember.

Dyer said, "That is to gain his support for what's called Project Off Ramp, beautifying and cleaning our freeways, relocating the homeless population over into motels that have been converted thanks to Project Home Key."

Dyer's mindset has changed over the past 14 months. He was now focused on running a city after spending 18 years as Fresno Police Chief and 40 years in the department.

He said, "In some ways, it was like I never worked there because I started getting so engaged in other things like water, jobs and downtown revitalization and all the neighborhoods."

Dyer won the mayoral race outright during the March election, so he's waited nine months to take office.

He said, "It has been a long period of time since the primary until now but I can assure you, Dale, I spent every single day preparing. Meeting with folks, listening tours."

The new year has been marred by a spike in violent crime.

Dyer called public safety his priority, adding it was the number-one topic people in Fresno talk to him about.
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