New technology brewing at Kuppa Joy's newest location

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The mod bar is steaming up the latest latte at Kuppa Joy's newest location, the Grand Cafe.

"After seven years of faithfulness from God and our community, we're able to offer the Grand Cafe," said shop owner Zach Follett. "Everything that's been in my head and I wanted to do and wanted to do, we now can do at this location."

Follett took over space once occupied by Starbucks at Cedar and Shepherd. At the new location, he's taken coffee to another level.

"Here we are putting on a coffee-loving show of the newest, best equipment in the world. The best coffee from around the world. You're going to come here and you're going to taste coffee in ways you never knew what coffee could be," Follett said.

This unique equipment either siphons the perfect roast or the Oji system creates a slow, smooth cup.

"It is kind of the whiskey of coffee, where you source some of the finest coffee in the world," Follett said. "It is one second for 12 hours drip of ice water into undisturbed coffee grounds, and it creates this juicy, puckery, mouthfeel of coffee."

The cafe will also provide a unique experience of sampling flights of coffee and chocolate.

"We want to have a date night experience where you can come in and say, 'Hey you're on a date'. So you sit down, and we're going to take care of the rest," Follett said. "And we're just going to put on a show for you when it comes to tasting all the beautiful products God has made for us."

In the coming months, he hopes to serve wine as well. Follett's goal is to create a community over a shared cup.

Kuppa Joy's Grand Cafe will open Saturday at 7 am. A grand opening will be in the coming weeks.
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