Big sister saves 4-year-old brother from drowning in Pennsylvania

LEVITTOWN, Pennsylvania -- Heroes come in many forms. On Monday night we met 7-year-old Savannah Andrews of Levittown, Pennsylvania. She's the newest of heroes after saving her 4-year-old little brother Josh's life three days ago.

"He was my little brother and I love him a lot," she said.

This past Friday evening around 4:45 p.m., Josh, with this favorite squirt gun in hand, and Savannah were out at the pool.

Josh had wandered outside unbeknownst to his parents, Keri and Kevin Andrews. They took their eye off of him just for a second.

Keri said, "He (her husband) had just got home from work and we were getting ready to go somewhere shortly. But the next thing you know I was talking for a couple minutes and I hear what I thought was screaming."

That was the kids screaming for help. But by that time, they had escaped the most extreme danger.

Thankfully, Savannah was watching Josh from her swing near the pool when he fell in trying to fill up his squirt gun.

"I jumped up and ran. When he fell in, he came up and went down and then came up again, but then went down and stayed down," she said.

So she jumped in.

At 7 years old, she describes what sounded like a textbook lifeguard caliber save.

"I had one arm like swimming to the ledge and then he was swimming there with me so we could get to the ledge," she recalled.

By the time mom got outside all she had to do was pull the kids out.

Savannah had done the hard part.

Though, most of us with big sisters know that likely won't be last time Josh will need Savannah to come to the rescue.

"She told me exactly what she had done and I realized that the impact it has because if it weren't for her we wouldn't have my son," Keri said.
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