91-year-old chemist invents 'IoWipe' a reusable wipe to sanitize during COVID-19

A Philadelphia inventor has spent his entire life studying for this moment in history.

"Being a Depression baby, I developed a certain mental attitude of survival," he said.

On his 91st birthday, we met Solomon Rosenblatt in his Chestnut Hill backyard with a smorgasbord of inventions lined up on the patio table.

"Bacteria has been growing. It's been sneaking up on us all the time," said Solomon Rosenblatt.

He unraveled a small black cloth that could revolutionize the way we approach cleanliness in the future. Cleverly called, "IoWipe," the product is a sponge cloth infused with the chemical element, iodine. "Iodine is nature's antimicrobial," Rosenblatt said.

He cites that bacteria has not yet learned how to fight against the strength of this essential mineral. His discovery was decades in the making.