14-year-old from Clovis turns TikTok trend into budding business

Makayla Krob mixes different color combinations and resin pigments to create custom coasters, platters, and trays.
CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- ABC30 is taking action to share stories in our community that matter to you.

That includes one Clovis teen who is turning a TikTok trend into a way to fund her college dreams.

Whether it's the latest dance or challenge, TikTok is turning heads,
but a Clovis teen is turning one trend into a way to pay for college.

Fascinated by the resin creations on her feed, Makayla Krob channeled her screen time into a new hobby - that with the help of her stepmom has become a budding business.

"We bought some stuff and made it for ourselves and then realized we can sell it and make money," she says.

MK Resin specializes in custom coasters, platters, and trays, but it took teamwork, trial and error to perfect the craft.

That's where Makayla's creativity shines.

The teen mixes different color combinations and pigments for her creations.

Her process guarantees a one-of-a-kind piece every time.

As if being an entrepreneur at 14 isn't impressive enough for her college resume, the Clovis North freshman says sales will go toward her college fund.

Pricing varies depending on size and customization. An Etsy shop page is coming but for now, you can visit the MK Resin Instagram page to place an order.

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