Man accused of killing his mother's boyfriend claims shooting was in self defense

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A man accused of killing his mother's boyfriend Friday in Coarsegold claims the shooting was in self-defense.

Jacob Burdett's attorney says ongoing family problems reached a boiling point and he was protecting his 7-month-old baby, his wife and himself when he shot and killed his mom's boyfriend.

Burdett has no criminal history and according to his attorney, was visibly injured in his mugshot, after a scuffle with his mother's boyfriend, Ryan Prosser.

It began when Jacob's wife was heading home Friday and confronted by Prosser and Jacob's mother, Da'nel.

"She was on her way home and she encountered a dark vehicle on the side of the road," said Burdett's Attorney Mark Coleman. "She didn't recognize the vehicle. As she tried to go around it, they pulled out, blocked her way. Da'Nel got out of the vehicle started banging on the car, threatening 'I'm going to kill you'."

In January, the court granted Jacob Burdett and his wife guardianship of his 10-year-old sister. It's caused countless confrontations and family rifts.

Documents obtained by Action News show just days before the homicide, Madera County Deputies were called out to Jacob's home. His older sister Kimberly claimed he pushed her and took her phone. But Jacob told deputies his sister tried to fight him and threatened to "burn down the house and kill them all" the deputy wrote in his report that Kimberly denied the statement but did say "she hopes his house burns down."

Court records show Prosser has a long criminal history including charges of felony assault, sex crimes, battery, and drugs. He has spent several years in prison and drug rehabs.

Attorney Mark Coleman said the father of two had no other choice Friday when Prosser grabbed his rifle. So Jacob grabbed another gun and fired.

"He was beaten, physically attacked. There were witnesses that saw him and Da'Nel saw on top of Jacob, beating him. His clothes were torn, his face was scratched."

Jacob had just returned home from an outpatient surgery earlier in the day and was still recovering when the family fight broke out.

The district attorney said he is awaiting results from Prosser's autopsy today, along with reports from detectives to determine if any charges should be filed.
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