Kings County sisters using musical talent to represent culture

KINGS COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Paulina, Isabella, and Sophia, known as the Medina sisters, were raised by parents passionate about expressing their Mexican roots through the arts.

For these ladies, singing mariachi, a genre of regional Mexican music, is their niche.

"Growing up in a Mexican household, hearing the mariachi music and the cumbias while cleaning and now, it's great to be able to sing along and learn how to play them," Sophia said.

They learned to sing and play different instruments at a young age and fell in love with music and its power.

They started off by singing to their parents on birthdays and at family gatherings, then branched out to local events as they got older.

Paulina says the best part is seeing how people in the crowd respond.

"Their reaction is to look at each other, give each other hugs and then they look at us and cry and sing along with us," she said. "That is what is so special. Their reaction is to come together."

The sisters have also made education a priority, with one recently graduating from UC Santa Cruz, one pursuing a masters degree at Fresno State, and one who is currently an undergraduate there. But even their busy schedules and the many challenges that have come with the pandemic can't stop them from bonding over music every chance they get.

"I hope we are still singing and playing for each other at our weddings, birthdays and stuff like that," Paulina said.
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